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Good day Mate is an Australian greeting called "Good morning, friend." We reinterpreted and implied this greeting as a precious friend who should be comprehensively protected, such as humans, animals, and nature. He was interested in volunteer work and environmental protection, so he had a positive atmosphere with these topics. Like the greeting of Good Morning, we have devised a brand that can deliver bright energy using the word friend.

I founded Goodday Mate when I was living in Australia. I liked how he was very active in protecting nature and animals and had a well-established foundation. Various species of animals and plants were preserved as they were. And respect between people was also taken for granted.

Aussie there recognizes nature, people, and individuals. It was natural to protect the area without invading it. I was motivated by that and wondered if there was a way to participate in our position together. While looking for various materials, I saw some articles. I've heard that there's a lot of trash coming from clothing shopping malls and overpackaged brands. And I came across information that the amount of one-time clothes thrown away every year is quite large. In addition, I heard stories of people suffering from hygiene problems and various diseases due to a lack of clothes. Since we were fashion designers, if a brand that improved it comes out, I thought it could be a botem for environmental protection.

Goodday Mate is a socially responsible brand. The design is basic, classic, and casual, and only high-quality fabrics are carefully selected so that they are not sensitive to fashion. We would like to make clothes that can be worn for a long time to reduce waste caused by disposable clothes. In addition, we would like to continue our campaign to donate the returned clothes to our neighbors in need. Also, it reduces unnecessary packaging materials and provides minimal packaging. Packaging materials are also recyclable items that can be used to practice nature protection together. and other events that we can do together will be added continuously be added, Take a look at the various items that you can participate in protecting the environment with!